Scott Whipkey
Scott Whipkey,

A  chessman himself, Whipkey has placed hundreds of executives and professionals across the country. ​Prior to his executive search career, he was a cybersecurity advisor at IBM,  leading security audit teams around the world. 

He founded Headhounds, Inc., Career Concepts, Ascend Executive Search, and now, dedicated solely to the practice of

Confidential Executive Search

Give him a call - it's your move.  

Cathy White
Cathy White
Managing Partner

Prior to joining, Cathy was Managing Director for Ascend Executive Search and Partner at PSC in Pittsburgh where she spearheaded the confidential search practice. ​ Cathy's executive search world spans Manufacturing, Health Care, Sales, HR, Law, and Finance. She brings 10 years of confidential executive search experience to the team.